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Corporate and Product Overview

2talk offers more free enterprise calling features than any other service provider. We are so competitively priced and can give away so many great features because everything is done in the most efficient way possible: credit/debit card payment, no paper bills, online access to call details and billing information, fixed charges billed automatically/monthly, variable charges are pre-paid, automatically top up your pre-paid balance, and no re-connection fees. We own our own intellectual property and have our own development team. Check out the 2talk advantage!

Preparing Quotes

Below is the document needed to prepare quotes. Note, a quote may not be needed if you are signing your customer up using the 2talk.com website.

Still need assistance preparing a quote? Contact us!

Product and Pricing Slicks

Sales Agent Sign Up Process

Establishing a 2talk Account - ONLINE

To establish a 2talk Account for your customer using our website, simply follow the steps below:

Establishing a 2talk Account - OFFLINE

To establish a 2talk Account for your customer offline, you must submit the following documents to sales@2talk.com,
or one of our Agent Managers.

Establishing a 2vFax Account - ONLINE ONLY

All 2vFax accounts must be initiated ONLINE! www.2vfax.com. The customer must choose a fax number upon sign up and put in a valid credit card for the account to be setup. By default. every customer obtains a 7 day free trial. However, if the customer is interested in porting their current fax number, or adding more fax lines, they must log into their account to UPGRADE IMMEDIATELY. Under Add a Line, they can upload a copy of their phone bill and initiate the number porting request. AFTER SIGNING UP A CUSTOMER ON 2VFAX, PLEASE EMAIL THEIR NAME TO JAIME@2TALK.COM.

Number Porting Requests

To transfer a customer’s existing phone numbers, we need a copy of their phone bill, as well as a signed LOA. You may email those documents to support@2talk.com, or one of our Agent Managers.

Support/Escalation Contact Info

Installation Timelines

Live Sales Agent Training/Q&A

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