About 2Talk

We want our customers to be successful communicators. We’re doing our bit to help them do this at a lower cost.

Engineering Excellence

Our team loves to build leading edge technologies that truly help business succeed. In doing this, we’re committed to regular, iterative, technology releases. Features and functionality are released to market as soon as these are stable and ready to use. We don’t want to keep customers waiting for new technology and this is managed with ensuring we don’t release too early, and too buggy.

Our definition of Engineering Excellence may be a little different.

  • Rapid release cycles.

  • Stability is key.

  • Enthusiasm for all things new.

Simple Beginnings

Intially we offered VoIP, plain and simple. Getting call quality right was paramount to us so we spent a bit of time on this. Once we had business VoIP calling nailed we could then move on to the big picture.

Customers were paying too much for physical PBXs and the Cloud was looming. Instead of taking cover, we embraced the storm and have built an award winning Cloud PBX.

Our most recent evolution our of virtual PBX is undoubtedly our best so far. Features are enhanced, and most of all the user experience has to be the best we’ve seen.

So you get business VoIP Calling and with this you get our virtual Cloud PBX included at no additional cost. That means no per user licensing, no additional charges for use of individual features.

All features like Auto Attendant, Call Queues, Music on Hold, Call Recording and so many more, are just part of your monthly plan.

Get in Touch

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website, get in touch and someone in our team will happily give you a call.

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