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  • By submitting this port request I confirm I am authorized to act on behalf of the legal Lessee of the numbers listed in this request. I authorise 2talk LLC to act on my behalf and to sign any associated paperwork for the purposes of porting the numbers listed above. I understand that 2talk takes no responsibility if any of my other telecommunications services are disconnected as a result of my number port request and accept the additional terms laid out below.
    1. You are responsible for settling your financial account with your current Service Provider if you owe them outstanding contractual obligations and costs. 2talk is not liable for any such costs.
    2. 2talk provides no guarantee that it can port your telephone number from your current Service Provider. Your current Service Provider may reject this port request if the information you provide is incorrect or does not match the data held by them. A porting request may also be rejected for other reasons which 2talk has not control of.
    3. 2talk provides no guarantee that the telephone number will be ported within any specified timeframe.
    4. You must not deactivate your existing service when porting. Telephone numbers can only be ported while active.
    5. Only your telephone number will be ported to 2talk. This may result in the loss of any value added services that are associated with the service provided by your existing Service Provider.
    6. In the event of a port withdrawal or reversal, 2talk is not responsible for any period of outage of the service or features of your current service or any value added service provided by your current Service Provider.
    7. If you change your mind and cancel the porting on the same day as the scheduled cutover date, then emergency return/reversal fees will apply.
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