VoIP 6 Phone + Unlimited Calling Bundle | Plan Details

Updated 1 September 2018

VoIP 6 Phone + Unlimited Calling Bundle Service Detail

Service Description

VoIP CallingThis is a Voice Over IP Service delivered onto your mobile soft phone or IP handset. The broadband may be provided by 2talk.com or another provider. This Service does not include the cost of your broadband internet connection.

Plan Inclusions

  • 2 Concurrent calls
  • 1 Local phone number from your nominated area (within the US)
  • 1 x IP Phone (2 line)
  • Unlimited* Local, national and mobile calling within the US.

Service Availability

2talk.com VoIP requires a mobile and/or fixed broadband internet service. Each VoIP call requires a minimum of 100kbps of uncontested upstream and downstream bandwidth for optimal quality.

Small and Medium Business eligibility

2talk.com VoIP is available to US business customers only. To be eligible for this unlimited VoIP Plan you or your business must provide us with registered business details.

Additional Services and Promotions

This fine print doesn’t include any value added services (add-ons) or special promotions that you select whilst you have this calling plan.

Cloud PBX Features and Availability

This plan includes access to all the Cloud PBX features to enable you to use this service. The Cloud PBX is available to all customers.

Billing Information

Your account is charged on the same day each month which is called your Bill Anniversary Date, and is the date your account was created, eg 12 May, 12 August).

As 2talk.com is a pre-paid service you will be issued at the end of each month with a Statement of Activity. This details the service use along with any payments made into the account during the billing period.

Your first monthly statement may include partial month charges from when the service was activated until the next billing date. Any additional charges for non-recurring items used during that billing period will also be shown.


Payment for this service is made via credit card paid directly into your online account via our secure payment gateway. Alternative payment arrangements to pay via direct credit into our bank are also available.

Pre-paid Service

This service is to be pre-paid in advance. This includes calling, value added extras and add-ons, equipment purchases and number porting. Your account must always have a positive credit balance to ensure there is no disruption to your calling service.

Plan price per month
(excluding taxes and fees)
Included outbound minutes within US Unlimited to 4,000 mins*
Overage once plan minutes used $0.017/min
Call rating Per minute
International calls Rate card
Number porting outwards (per number if ported out within six months of account setup) $50.00
Contract period 24 months
Setup fee (one time only) $69.00

*Unlimited calling plans are only meant to be used by single shift agents with no more than 3 hours per day of talk time, 5 days a week.

Information and pricing is correct at time of publishing. All pricing is exclusive of taxes and fees. 2talk’s standard Terms of Use apply.

Minimum Term

This plan is available on a month-to-month basis. The account is auto-renewed each month and remains active until we receive a cancellation request by you. You can cancel your service at any time.


This service is supplied on a month-by-month pre-paid basis, so no early termination or cancellation fees apply.

You may cancel your account by completing our online Cancellation Form.

Other Information

Customer Service

Contact us via chat or email during US Eastern Time business hours for assistance with your account balance and usage. You can update your payment details and check your usage status by logging into your 2talk.com Cloud PBX account at any time. For other assistance email support@2talk.com or chat with our team by clicking the chat icon from inside your 2talk.com Cloud PBX account.

Dispute Resolution

Submit any concerns to customerservice@2talk.com.

Download the Critical Information Summary (pdf)