Business Phone System

Grow your business with our VoIP Phone system.

We’ve got your business communication covered. Whether you’re calling from your office, or you’re out and about, our Cloud-based VoIP Phone system goes with you.

With our soft phone, you can take your business phone number with you on your mobile to make and receive calls as if you were sitting at your desk. 

Business Phone System

Business communications without complexity.

Plug and Play handset devices, or use our mobile soft phone app.

Smart management at your fingertips.

Manage call flows, voicemail and more from any device, any time.

A business phone plan for everyone.

Enjoy high-value features and unlimited domestic calling at a great price.

Business-grade calling quality. Reliable network. Excellent support.

With 2talk, there’s not only a high-quality business phone system with crystal-clear calls – you’re also getting our award-winning Cloud PBX, packed with high-value features.

Cloud PBX and VoIP Phone Systems FAQ

The answer is Yes! A VoIP phone is a regular phone – it’s just carried over the internet instead of a copper wire in the ground.

Basically, VoIP phones connect through the internet. You can also make VoIP calls with your computer and smartphone, and use our many smart and advanced features to get the most from our Cloud PBX.

You can use an IP handset such as a Yealink T46S or Polycom VVX310 with our service. Providing the handset is IP compatible you can connect.

In addition to this, we provide our own soft phone so you can connect directly to your business phone number from your smartphone or mobile device. Just download our 2talk Phone app from your app store.

A Cloud PBX is a business phone system that is hosted entirely, well, in the Cloud!

That means no physical on-premises PBX hardware installed in your office, and no hardware engineers required to maintain this. That’s huge cost savings right there!

A Cloud PBX can provide even more features than a traditional PBX phone system, and we make it easy to set up with our point and click Switchboard functionality.

Simply put, No.

Voice over IP, means your voice, or calls, are being traversed over your internet connection. And similarly, you will need a power connection if using a VoIP handset to connect your calls. 

If you’re using a soft phone such as 2talk Phone, you can connect your calls over your mobile service carrier. 

Cost is one thing, and let’s look at how that works for your business. 

A Cloud PBX let’s you switch from a traditional analog phone system and move to an internet-driven technology. You will be in a better position to manage your moves, adds and changes to your Cloud PBX internally, without the need to hire technical experts for the most part. 

Ultimately with 2talk, your VoIP Calling Plan will include only the calling, and handset rental if required, and no ongoing costs for maintenance of your PBX. The savings to the uptime, performance and resources will see your ROI in no time.